Daily Lesson / Weather Update

November 6th, 2016

10th November 2021, 2046 hrs, WEDNESDAY, Wet evening.   

10th Nov 2021, LATEST CORVID 19 Safety Measures Guidelines:

With the latest Government CORVID Safety Measure guidelines, we will be keeping to 1 coach to 1 student per court for lessons until further guidelines are given by the Government.  The academy will not host more than 50 people in the center.  Parents/Guardians/Spectators will be respectfully asked to leave the Center if the maximum of 50 persons is in the Academy.  We thank all parties for your understanding and we will adhere to the latest safety measures strictly.  Thank you very much.

Tennis activities have resumed at Tanglin Academy.  Safety Measures will be strictly enforced to ensure the well-being of all users at the Academy.  We seek your co-operation to help keep the academy safe for all users & visitors.   

With the implementation of the safety measurements taken by the Government, we have made some adjustments to our regular training programs.  Thank you.

Our tennis academy runs a scheduled, structured program for kids (4 years old and upwards) to enable them to learn tennis basics in the easiest & quickest way.  There are a few levels of tennis classes to choose from, all within a precise training structure.  Within the lessons, life skills development is emphasized as well.  Within our programs, we have installed a Fitness program to ensure that the children have the fitness foundation to excel in their lessons.

We will be running tennis camps in Nov to Dec 2021.  If you are keen on joining a tennis camp, please mail us at  All camps will be run in line with Government posture.

We also offer adult programs for all levels, groups, and corporate structures too.  Do mail us at to find out more.

If you need immediate weather updates, please call or text to 9108-6516 via WhatsApp.  Thank you.  


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