Junior Tennis Camps, Join Us Now!

July 21st, 2017

1st Quarter Camp Dates:

12th – 14th Feb / 19th – 21st Feb / 12th – 14th Mar (local school holiday) / 19th – 21st Mar / 26th – 28th Mar / 2nd – 4th Apr / 9th – 11th Apr

Time: 0830 hrs – 1200 hrs (Mon – Wed, with Thur & Fri as backup days in event of rain)

Cost: S$300 – $400, depends on what camp you chooses

Package: Complimentary mental training books for kids & T-shirt












We run different camps though out the year.  We design the camps schedule according to the ability of the children.  Camps are as follows:

Play & Stay Series: RED Ball Camp / ORANGE Ball Camp / GREEN Ball Camp (4 years old to 10 years old) The camp starts at 0830 hrs and ends at 1300 hrs

RED Ball Camp for children who had never played tennis before or kids from 4 years old.  This camp focus on movement basics and Tennis strokes fundamentals.

ORANGE Ball Camp for children who have elementary tennis basics but need refinement.  This camp focus on correction of basic strokes and refinement of movement on the tennis courts.

GREEN Ball Camp for children who has general tennis skills below 10 years old.  It is for kids who has tennis experience and we work on control of directions and multiple movements.  Rallies & match play are executed as well.

INTERMEDIATE – ADVANCE – COMPETITIVE Camp (7 years old to 12 years old)

The camp is designed for children already playing and learning to compete or already competing.  The camps schedule covers Ball Control, Technique refinement, Usage of Spin, Movement Skills and Footwork.  A lot of rallies & Match play.  This camp starts at 0830 hrs and ends at 1200 hrs.

Each camp runs for 3 days from Monday to Wednesday with Thursday & Friday for rainy days contingency planning.   For more information, please mail to: or call 9108-6516.

We look forward to your child’s participation & queries!!!

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