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Following the success of Tanglin Tennis School at Minden Road (TTS), we believe it is time for expansion, to increase the popularity of tennis in Singapore.  Over the past 10 years, TTS has produced some of the U-12 girls that are ranked in Asia, like Natasha Loh, Ashley Yim, Jeovanne Canace (current SPEX U-12 Champion) and Maxjine Ng.  The opening of Tanglin Academy at Sports Park @ Turf City will provide the most comprehensive tennis programmes ever developed for children 10 and under (10s)

Tanglin Academy formally launches ‘Tennis…Play and Stay’ in Singapore.  Equipped with the right court size, the right equiment, the school hopes to bring tennis to the kids.  The campaign, aimed at increasing tennis participation for 10s, centres around the slogan ‘Serve, Rally, Score’ and promotes tennis as easy, fun and healthy.

Play and Stay was introduced worldwide by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and involves the major nations (including all 4 Grand Slam nations), 6 Regional Associations, the Tennis Industry Association (TIA) as well as the ATP and Sony Ericsson WTA Tour.  The United States Tennis Association’s (USTA) QuickStart Tennis play format is also similar.

The campaign is primarily aimed at starter players of all ages, encouraging them to use the slower red, orange and green balls in both training and competition.  The campaign shows that tennis can be easy and fun if starter players use the slower balls on smaller courts.  Play and Stay generally covers players aged 4-10 and the ITF advises a progression through red, orange and green for all players in this age range.  From January 2012, for the 10s competitions, these coloured balls have replaced the traditional yellow balls and must be used with the appropriate sized courts.

Introducing tennis to young starter players in the right way is critical.  As well as helping players to develop a range of physical skills, the red, orange and green stages, gradually teach tactical and technical elements of the game on smaller courts using slower balls.  These gradual changes allow kids to enjoy tennis at a younger age.

Tanglin Academy is proud to be the first private tennis facility to be equipped with 6 mini courts for Play and Stay, alongside 4 full size courts and 5 tournament courts.  The academy will be headed by Elvin Chee (member of USPTA, ITF) in association with TTS.  TTS will continue to provide training for the juniors above 10.  Together, both Tanglin Academy and TTS will provide structured tennis training, enabling the natural progression from starter to competitive junior tennis.

In addition, Tanglin Academy will also focus on elite training program, classes for adults, corporate and coaching certification. Tanglin Academy and TTS are committed to support Singapore Tennis Association in promoting the continuous development of tennis in Singapore.

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