Junior Tennis Tournaments Schedule 2019 (Singapore & Malaysia)

July 21st, 2017


The following are Junior tournament schedule in Singapore & around Singapore for 2019:

SINGAPORE (Sanctioned events: Pls check website: for schedule & registration)

TANGLIN ACADEMY Closed – In House Tournaments.  The Coloured Ball tournaments are for students and invited guests (limited slots).  For an invitation, please mail to  All events for coloured balls are at Tanglin Academy. All RED & ORANGE Ball events are held on Saturday & Sunday only.

RED Ball Junior Championship (Beginners; (Students & Invited guests)

3rd – 11th August 2019                  Closing Date: 1st Aug 2019

5th – 13th October 2019                Closing Date: 3rd Oct 2019

30th Nov – 8th December 2019   Closing Date: 28th Nov 2019

 ORANGE Ball Junior Championship (Beginners; (Students & Invited guests)

31st Aug – 8th September 2019  Closing Date: 29th Aug 2019

2nd – 10th November 2019          Closing Date: 31st Oct 2019

GREEN Ball Junior Championship (Beginners/Intermediate; Students & Invited guests)

Please mail us at: for Tennis Matches/Leagues in Green Ball

Tanglin Junior Tennis League                                             To be confirmed      

Singapore Sanctioned events                                           Date                              Closing Date

All STA-Tanglin U10 & U12 Boys/Girls events @ Tanglin Academy are played on weekends, from Friday 4pm onwards to Sunday

STA-Tanglin U10 Boys Singles Junior Championship           19th Jul – 11th Aug       1st Jul

STA-Tanglin U10 Girls Singles Junior Championship           2nd – 18th Aug              15th Jul

Pesta Sukan STA National Junior Championship                   7th – 15th Jul                 12th Aug

STA-Tanglin U12 Boys Singles Junior Championship           20th Sep – 13th Oct      2nd Sep

STA-Tanglin U12 Girls Singles Junior Championship           27th Sep – 20th Oct     9th Sep

3rd SPEX STA Age Group Junior Championship                    16th – 24th Nov            28th Oct

JTTL Season II Junior League



Junior Tour Leg 6, Sabah, 22nd – 25th Aug

ATF 14 & Under, Sabah, 28th Aug – 1st Sep

ATF 14 & Under, Sarawak, 4th – 8th Sep

Junior Tour Leg 7, Kedah, 10th – 14th Sep

ITF Junior, Sarawak G3, 24th – 29th Sep

ITF Junior, Selangor G3, 1st – 6th Oct

ITF Junior, Perlis G4, 8th – 13th Oct

ATF 14 & Under Grade A, Selangor, 23rd – 27th Oct

ATF 14 & Under, Malacca, 30th Oct – 3rd Nov

Junior Tour Leg 8, Perak, 7th – 10th Nov

36th RGB-Penang Open International Age Group, 29th Nov – 3rd Dec (Tentative date)

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Please visit Lawn Tennis Association Thailand for Junior tournament information.


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