Seven Things Great Coaches and Leaders Do

Seven Things Great Coaches and Leaders Do

by Allistair McCaw

Seven things great coaches and leaders do:

1. They listen better:Great coaches and leaders know how to listen well. They understand that they will be able to come up with better answers, solutions and decisions for their athletes or teams when they tune in and simply listen better.

2. They adapt better:Great coaches are like chameleons. They are able to adapt to their environment. They are great at making decisions and finding solutions to problems. They are also great at adapting to the different personalities in their athletes and teams.

3. They lead by example:You must hold yourself accountable before you can hold anyone else. For example, if you expect your players to be on time, then you need to be on time. You want to be the type of leader who raises the level of everyone around you. Remember that your word’s mean little when you aren’t leading by the example.

4. Everyday they bring the 3E’s:Effort, Enthusiasm and Energy. When you have these 3 things, you will find that you will be even more successful as a leader or coach. Your clients and athletes look and come to you for these and not just the X’s & 0’s of playing a game.

5. They care more:Every human being longs to feel loved and cared for. Make your athletes or clients feel special and cared for. I just love this saying: “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

6. They keep it simple:Don’t try and complicate things. When you talk, keep it brief and to the point. Your athletes or clients don’t need to know about the anatomy of a shoulder if you’re explaining an exercise. When it’s kept simple, it’s understood better. When it’s understood better, productivity and results will be higher.

7. They show confidence:Your attitude is something you have complete control of and will influence everything you do in life. A good energy and positive attitude helps build confidence. You must have a strong self-worth and be confident in your abilities, without being arrogant or cocky. No one is going to follow someone who doesn’t believe in themselves. Confidence comes from a sound work ethic and from being prepared.

All in all, great leaders and coaches love to SERVE.