Play it. Ace it. How you starts determines how you play

Elvin Chee W S, USPTA Elite Professional

Elvin has managed and built tennis academies since 2000 in Singapore.  Over 30 years of training juniors in Singapore, he has produced top ranked players, national players and ITF world ranked players representing Singapore.  With the introduction of the ITF Play & Stay program by ITF in 2008, he established the first Play & Stay kids program in Singapore to develop kids from 4 years old with a structured progression lesson plan.

He attained the United States Professional Tennis Association Elite Coaching credentials and is a member of ITF.  In 2014, he was invited as a guest speaker at the first WTA Finals Coaches Conference held in Singapore.  He emphasise on discipline training and life skills development through tennis training.

Today he manages the largest private tennis academy in Singapore with a team of coaching professionals.  With a backing of 30 years of experience, he has created a set of training systems to teach junior tennis, in a serious but fun and engaging way!

Antoni Girod, Mental Training Consultant


Antoni is an expert in mental training, not only in sports but is sought by corporates to help develop their teams.  He has been an applied psychology and communications teacher for the Sports Science Department at the French universities of Montpellier and Orleans.  Antoni works with top athletes with the French Tennis Federation and sits on the ITF Coaches Commission.  He has worked with Alize Cornet, WTA Top 10 player in the world and a former French No. 1.   

Since 2001, Antoni is a regular speaker for ITF and is involved in many coaches education programs for Tennis Federations and Academies all over the world.  He is the author of 12 reference books about mental training, communications and management, in particular; “Tennis, the Winning Mindset”.  Antoni is a partner with Tennis Academy to provide his expertise to our students. 


Raymond Ng, Head Coach

Raymond is a very experienced coach in Singapore.  He has worked with various clubs and academies in Singapore over 20 years.  Raymond also shaped his daughter’s tennis; she is 13 years old and has attained No.1 ranking in both U12 and U14 girls in Singapore.  She is currently ranked in the world juniors ranking and competes on the ITF Junior tour. 

His training philosophy is to blend physical training with tennis skills sessions.  A lot of Juniors improved their performance physically through his training.  Our Junior enjoyed and benefitted from his training beliefs.

Collin Thornley, Performance Coach

Collin has worked all over the world, from British LTA to Middle East academies and clubs.  Currently he is based in Singapore.  His vast experience has benefitted our Players greatly. Collin is also a certified Strength & Conditioning Professional. He has run programs for academies and schools in Singapore over the last few years. Currently he works with players and members of British Club in Singapore and Tanglin Academy.

Roslan Bin Sumadi, Senior Coach

With 45 years of experience working with Juniors in Singapore, Roslan’s wealth of experience has benefitted our students.  He was former Head Coach of ACS Barker (junior school) and has brought the school team to multiple trophies and awards over many years.  He is very patient with kids and

Jamil B Salleh, Senior Coach

Jamil is our Senior Coach.  He has worked with various tennis organizations in Singapore over 30 years.  In Tanglin, he manages all the youngest, newest Beginner tods.  He is very patient and he loves little kids.  Of course, the kids loves him back.  Jamil is very sought after by little kid’s parents.  He teaches foundation very patiently and lovingly.  Kids just loves him.

Staff Coaches, Coach Leo / Coach Michael Lee / Coach Jerry / Coach Hareez / Coach Adnan

Our staff coaches works mainly with our grassroots programs.  They adhere to our teaching mindsets and formulas and are very enthusiastic about their work with our kids.  Our staff coaches help the kids to strengthen their foundations so as to allow them to progress swiftly.  These coaches form the base of our grassroots program.