Why Tennis is still the intelligent choice for your child!

Why Tennis is still the intelligent choice for your child!

Of course we are biased. We love tennis, but every once in a while it is worth reminding ourselves that those that don’t yet play may not see tennis as we do. Here are our top 10 (in no particular order) but please add to the thread with your thoughts too!

It’s a Brain Game – Tennis teaches you to solve problems, stay focused and maintain control of your emotions. Tennis throws you lots of little problems to solve from playing on different surfaces to different opponent. Every point provides another little challenge.

Grow as a Person – Tennis outperforms many sports when it comes to developing positive mental traits including optimism, self-esteem, confidence and spontaneity. Kids who play tennis are also show to perform higher at school with kids scoring higher in studies than even active children who play other sports (Tennis Serves)

Stand on Your Own Feet – When it comes down to it you will have to learn to be responsible for what you do on court. At every level until you reach the pros you will have to fairly call the lines and the score, you will need to work on your game in practice and come ready to get the most from your time on court.

When the Going Gets Tough – Tennis helps you to deal with adversity and because you are always playing against someone it teaches you to deal with situations that are not totally under your control. Add the weather and different surfaces and you will learn to cope with everything that is thrown at you.

Get in Shape – tennis is truly one of the most athletic sports in the world. You will get stronger, faster and more flexible. But before that sounds like a lot of work, remember you can play at any intensity that you want.

It’s a Whole Body Thing – A true combination or fine motor skills and gross motor skills, upper and lower body, tennis is a whole body thing. Studies have shown increases in bone density and a unique combination or aerobic and anaerobic demands making tennis one of the most balanced sports in the world.

Get on the Team – Although singles may be the most common version of tennis seen on the tv screen, tennis is a great team sport. Most people will play for their club team, school or that other great version of the game – DOUBLES! Tennis is great way to meet new people and make friends at any age.

Lean on a Pro – Unlike many sports tennis is taught in most places by qualified and trained coaches. Many have not just studied the game but also how players learn, move and grow. Having a Teaching Professional in your corner can really help your to get the most from your game and keep you on the right track.

Express yourself – Tennis is a game that can be played the way you like. You can play creatively in lots of different ways. Looking at the stars of tennis around the world you can see so many different ways to play and be you.

Long Live Tennis – no matter what your age you can play. Modified versions make it easy to play when you are learning but also when the engine starts to slow down! It’s a great sport for the whole family to play together too, helping everyone to develop social skills.