Opinions about statistics are different

Opinions about statistics are different

Opinions about statistics are different. Some coaches say that stats are crucial to develop own game while others claim that stats are nice visual numbers but they are not effective without relating these numbers to videos. In my opinion stats can help you but you have to use them in a proper way. You can use both general and specific stats with or without videos and make your game much better.

Thinking about statistics I was curious if I am going to learn anything from current top 3 male players in the world. That is why I went to website atpworldtour.com and searched for career stats of Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, and Roger Federer. My goal was to check their careers’ stats and learn at least one thing that I can use with my players. To my surprise I discovered most of the stats really similar to each other what makes a great confirmation of areas that all competitive players should strive to improve.

While looking through stats it is important to pay attention to skills that can really improve our chances for winning more matches. Federer, Djokovic, and Murray show some similarities in few categories that have crucial impact on final results of their battles.

Here are the things we can learn from top 3 male players in the world:

Service games won

This is definitely the priority to consider. Stats are incredible. Djokovic won 86% service gems over the course of his career, Murray won 82%, and Federer’s number is 88%. In my opinion this is the reason why these guys got to the top. If you are able to consistently won your service gems you put a lot of pressure on the opponent. Great lesson for all male players. If you want to achieve your potential make sure you spend enough time on serving skills, and patterns that you are going to use while the opponent is returning.

Break points converted

Being able to break the opponent’s serve is another factor that we have to pay attention to. This area is related to the previous one. If we are able to won majority of our serves and break the opponent at least one time per set we can be sure that we will leave the court as a winner. So here are the stats of top 3 champs: Djokovic break points’ conversion is 44%, Murray’s is 43%, and Federer’s conversion is 41%. You can see that these numbers are not as high as stats of service gems won but they don’t have to be. Many times you need only 1 break per set to win so this mindset should be implemented. Of course try to get as many breaks as possible but as you can learn from these 3 top players stats around 40% are world-class level.

2nd serve return points won

Another numbers that all players can learn a lot from are points won after opponent’s second serve. These numbers are: Djokovic 55%, Murray 55%, Federer 51%. This is a great lesson. These statistics show that world-class players are not passive while responding to rivals’ second serves. They have to be aggressive because many times this is the only opportunity to win points against great servers. Try to implement this strategy into your game. Have strategy and attack your opponent every time the first serve is missed. These approach will not only make you a more offensive player but it will also put more pressure on the opponent’s second serve what can result in more double faults.

This post confirms that stats can improve your game. Take these 3 lessons with you on the court and you will get closer to the top. Improve your winning percentage while serving, convert 1/3 of all break points, and attack opponent’s second serves to play like the best players do. CAUTION! Just remember that these stats are from ATP tour! Female game is different so don’t use these